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Entrepreneurs insurance will cover any loss or damage that befalls you as an entrepreneur.

Insurance For Business Owners

Entrepreneurs face a variety of risks when they start and manage their own businesses. Purchasing insurance is a great way to protect your business, employees and customers, and is the first step to good risk management.

Risks for entrepreneurs and business owners include: unsafe working conditions, unfair workers’ compensation claims, and property and equipment damage. Insurance Choice can provide you with the most suitable insurance coverage for these risks, and others you may not have considered.

In addition to covering your risks, we can advise you on how to avoid them. We also provide you with advisory services and administer your claims – we aim to be an all-round solution.

How We Help Entrepreneurs

Insurance Choice can help you find the best insurance coverage to protect your business, employees, and customers. We offer a variety of insurance policies that are appropriate for entrepreneurs.

We work together with the necessary associations and governing bodies to become aware of industries that call for our knowledge and experience.
We carry out an in-depth analysis of your needs to develop products with the aim of providing them to your industry sector.
We cooperate with our essential partners and networks to create an insurance policy that fulfills the requirements of your enterprise.
The product is presented to every entrepreneur in the industry.

Our Recommendation

Insurance for entrepreneurs is now a priority and Insurance Choice can help you find the right insurance for you. Our team has experienced brokers that can guide you in determining the best insurance for you, your company, employees, and customers. Make a smart choice by choosing Insurance Choice.

Read What Clients Are Saying About Us

When it comes to choosing insurance, it’s important to know what others have said about their experiences. Luckily, at Insurance Choice, we have created a long history of happy customers who were more than happy to share their thoughts about our services.

Insurance Products We Assist With

Intellectual Property (IP)
Protect your business from intellectual property theft, infringement, or misuse.
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Public Liability
Public liability insurance protects losses and injuries caused by your business
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Directors and Officers
We provide liability coverage for directors and officers of a company.
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Professional Indemnity
Public Liability Insurance protects you when you make a mistake and are sued or investigated.
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Product Liability
Product liability policy provides peace of mind when you sell or use or give away a consumer good
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Loss of Licence (Pilots)
This is a great way to protect yourself from the financial effects of losing your licence!
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Do You Need Insurance As An Entrepreneur?

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